Thanks for visiting my site. I just added the SSL Fusion to my studio, it's a stereo analogue colour audio mix through signal device. It adds a whole new option for mix Drive and Density. Violet eq, low and high frequency choices. HF compressor and the stereo image, Space and Width. Very cool unit. I am OTB so this is a great addition to my audio chain. Drop me a note or send me a mp3. Thanks, Marc

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Marc Desisto Mastering is an excellent mastering facility specializing in the final "sweetening" adjustments to optimize the audio for maximum clarity and volume before release. We provide high quality mastering services for replication, and reference discs for evaluation. Also, we can supply computer files for archiving or future work. We will work with each client through the mastering process to achieve the final ultimate mix that only can be heard through special outboard gear and a discriminating set of ears.

Over the years we have been refining our studio to help our clients realize the maximum potential of their sound.  We still to this day believe that the sound is just as important as the content on the CD!

For mastering services please contact Marc Desisto. contact page